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Jailbreak / tether iPhone while on the go

April 4, 2010



You might be on the go and wanting to go ahead and get tethering to work, or to do some exploration of the jailbreak world. I found myself in a car, with wife driving, wanting to get tethering going so I could work on my laptop. The iphone has internet, but laptop does not.

Also these instructions can be used to get any internet-accessible file from your iphone to your computer.

The following instructions were done on a iphone of version 3.1.2, and mac OS X 10.6.2

What you need:

  1. iphone with internet access (can be 3g, 2g, or anything)
  2. mac or pc computer
  3. USB cable for iphone -> computer
  4. Willing to jailbreak your iphone (no other way to do it anywmore)

How to do it:

  1. Download the file to do a jailbreak
    • Download the free app ‘Downloads Lite’
    • Open ‘Downloads Lite’ app and browse to
    • Download the file for PC or Mac Note: The download on this site did not work for me. I ended up googling for it and finding it elsewhere. It was like 500-600k in size.
  2. Get the file to your computer
    • Now we have to get this file to your computer. The ‘Downloads Lite’ program has a feature that lets it become a http or ftp server, if its on a wifi network.
    • On a mac, you can create your own wifi network. Basically, your computer acts as a wifi router.
    • To do this, click on the wifi icon in the upper right near the clock. It looks like a set of half circles.
    • Click ‘Create Network…’
    • Give your network any name, such as “MyMacBook”; set channel to “Automatic”; Hit OK
    • Go to your iphone Settings ‘Wi-Fi’ button
    • Select the network that you made above ex: “MyMacBook”
    • Open ‘Downloads Lite’ app and go to the ‘Settings’ section; Set ‘File Sharing’ to ON
    • Note the URL that looks something like “http://blah:8080”; It will have numbers instead of blah
    • Enter this URL into your computers web browser. I had to use Firefox, not safari.
    • Down the file to your computer, from the Downloads Lite interface.
  3. Jailbreak phone
    • You can verify the zip file on mac by using the command “unzip -l” If its good, you will see 8-10 files. If its bad, it will say it couldnt read it.
    • Unzip the file
    • Plug in iPhone with USB cable, into computer and phone
    • Quit iTunes or iPhoto if open
    • Run Blackra1n application
    • Click the single button in the program to start the jailbreak
    • Restart phone, as instructed; now you are jailbroken
  4. Get needed components
    • Open the Blackra1n app on your iphone
    • Have it install Cydia, the popular jailbreak app store
    • Run newly installed Cydia app
    • Go to Manage > Add a Repo source
    • Add
    • Browse to the added repo, to see the applications that this repo provides
    • Browse down to the ‘T’ section and look for “Tethering 3G”; Install it
    • Restart iphone
  5. Install a mobileconfig
    • On your iPhone, go to in Safari
    • Choose your country, and appropriate mobileconfig
    • Install the downloaded mobileconfig once given option
    • Restart iPhone once again
  6. Use tethering
    • Remember to turn off your custom network on your mac or pc. In fact, you wont need wifi on when you tether.
    • Assure that iPhone is plugged into USB -> computer Note: You can also do this all with bluetooth, but I have not tested this
    • On iPhone, go to Settings > General > Network > Tethering to turn tethering on
    • Mac should instantly detect a new network type. You can check this out in System Preferences > Network on a Mac
    • The new network entry for the iPhone should say that it is connected and list an IP address when clicked-on
  7. You are tethered! Browse to a webpage or open chat!
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  1. May 3, 2010 8:42 am

    Nice walk-through, going to have to try this on my sister’s iPhone or until I get an iPhone myself. Any thoughts on the next iPhone (the leaked v4 one)? Looks sleek. Would it come out on more than one carrier (ATT) this time?

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