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Amazon, Rightscale, and Zenoss instantiation

July 1, 2010

So creating Amazon EC2 cloud instances is not too hard with Amazons Management GUI, or a 3rd party manager like Rightscale. Really, you just point and click and youve got a running box from a pre-existing OS image. Easy… I dont cover that.

Its once I wanted to try to put a Zenoss Enterprise appliance out on the cloud that things became a little more difficult. I wanted to use CentOS and I wanted it to be a trustworthy image from a trustworthy source. I had formerly been using a public image from some place called Suz Lab. Enterprises can’t do this though. So, Rightscale puts out images that they have pre-setup of common OSs. Rightscale indeed has a number of CentOS images. Superb.

I go about instantiating an instance of CentOS in the Rightscale GUI, and I go to look at it in the Amazon GUI, and I notice that its storage method is using “instance-store”. Unfortunately the current images from Rightscale do not use EBS; it used the instance-store storage method. EBS volumes are persistent and bootable, while instance-stores reset themselves to their original state when restarted.

I came up with a method for converting the instance-store image to a EBS bootable image.
It is documented in a separate post I have created here: <coming soon>

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