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Apples Innovation focus and the iPhone

September 13, 2010

The Apple iPhone has undoubtedly changed the wireless industry and likely, the world. How did it get its backing for innovative successes layered in every part of the products feature set? Well, for one, Apple is an innovation-obsessed organization, and they have been for decades. In fact, the fastcompany article claims that they formerly focused TOO much on innovation, and not enough on business and marketing as was seen in the Apple II OS, and its Newton mobile device.

Most articles seem to point at Steve Jobs, the leader of Apple, as the progenitor of Apple’s innovation. Apples innovation strategy almost seems unclear to most observers and those researching into it. And of course, why not, Innovation is one of Apple’s trade secrets, its core competency. Jobs has “expressed an almost mystical reverence for the power of innovation over the years.” Jobs is the driver of most of the companies ideas, including the iphone. He wanted a converged device – mixing their successful ipod products, PDAs, and computing power – into one slick device. It took his teams 10+ years of research, hardly-working device demo’s, and an employee slamming her door so hard from frustration, that she became stuck in her office. A lot of behind the scenes work, effort, and innovation went into the original iphone. It all spurred from the vision and tenacity of the man running the Apple show.


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