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Live forever via tech advancement and enjoy life while at it

September 30, 2010


This write-up is a long time in the making. It involves thought I have had for 10+ years. Thoughts such as, where is my career going, what are my goals in life? I have started to discuss my ideas with respected peers professionally and personally, and I want to announce it here, having a place to reference my proclamation.

I am pondering a career shift and looking out for jobs and advise on next steps. I’ve done great at past jobs, just the positions have not fit me like a glove. Currently, I am an IT Support Engineer, and it is not for me. I believe that I deserve more creative and executive input into something, therefore I am mis-using my skills on very in-depth technical details.

My Goal

I have a lofty long-term goal of being involved in, or enabling the ability for humans to live for as long as they wish. My current bet is on getting the human brain into digital form – reverse engineering it to replicate what already exists into a super computer. I see myself having more input at a high level: leading, managing, enabling, and deciding how pieces fit together to get to this goal. I see this as something that wont reach realization or traction for many years. I want to prep now for the possibilities. This commands more management, innovation, and business skills that I have not delved deep into. I still want to stay in the tech realm and use my technical knowledge, just in a well-rounded way.

My interests

I also have a juxtaposed set of aspirations of enjoying and living life – not spending it doing all work. I would love to have more time for the outdoors. My various areas of interest do not mix well: IT, visions of mastering life, managing people (professional and personal), and the outdoors. I am continuing to ponder this, and deciding how I can fit them all in together. I do not think that anything – even life eternal – is worth the cost of not enjoying life.

Where to go now?

I am pondering what I should get into now. Some choices are: IT team management / project management, startup acceleration (getting into a startup early), business experience, innovation sourcing, venture funding? Venture Funding in tech has a neat proposition and touches many areas I spoke of. Venture funding sounds like a tough business to get into though, unless you have deep startup success or money. One thought is to build my upcoming experiences to lead towards venture funding, which eventually would allow freedom to do all my above interests.

Others have suggested getting a job associated with labs and business’s in the area of neural-tech research, while others have said to become an innovative manager – driving projects to success via management and creativity, in start-up business’s.

I continue to look for ideas and thoughts. Any input is welcomed and encouraged.

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