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Netflix Lessons Learned after moving infrastructure to the cloud

October 13, 2010

This is blatantly taken from Adrian Cockcrofts  presentation at:

Netflix has taken some parts of their infrastructure and operations for their massive streaming video product and put the infrastructure out on the Amazon cloud. They have the worlds largest subscription streaming video service, so this is no walk in the park. It will be nice to see some cost and time savings numbers later down the line.


  • Datacenter  oriented  tools  don’t  work
    • Ephemeral  instances,  high  rate  of  change
  • Cloud  Tools  Don’t  Scale  for  Enterprise
    • Built  our  own  tools,  drove  vendors  hard
  • It’s  faster  in  the  end  to  re-­‐code  than  tinker
    • “fork-­‐lifted”  apps  don’t  work  well
    • Re-­architected  and  re‐wrote  much  of  our  code  base  using   fine  grain  web  services,  leveraging  open  source  in  Java,   highly  instrumented.  “NoSQL”  SimpleDB  backend.


Netflix  is  path‐finding  the  use  of  public  AWS   cloud  to  replace  in-‐house  IT  for  non-‐trivial   applications  with  hundreds  of  developers  and   thousands  of  systems.

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