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Cloud standardization effort in its infancy

November 15, 2010

NIST has put together an interesting “starter document” on common use-cases for IaaS cloud environments.

This could be the start of cloud standardization and cross-cloud compatibility. They have some good use-cases and they are well-defined. Here are some example use cases: Open an account, Copy Data-Objects between cloud providers, and User authentication in the cloud.

I attended the conference where some of this was presented. It was at NIST last week, here outside of Washington DC. The proceedings were a little bland for me, but there were good nuggets that came out of it. I met Khawaja Shams from JPL who has a good real-world grasp on IaaS architectures in big organizations, and Chris Hoff from Cisco who is a cloud security expert and turned me on to a cool business-card-reading iphone app!

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