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Pursuing Business Idea: Consumer media syncrhonization

February 8, 2011

I am going forward with looking into a business idea and also doubling the effort as my Masters Thesis for my final 6 credits in my IS Masters degree.

I envision it to be initially aimed at business feasibility of the following idea:
Synchronizing large consumer media collections and files amongst many user devices.

More in-depth about the idea

If you know of, think of that app, but for considerably larger collections of data such as music, photos, movies, etc. I am also considering open source and hybrid open-source distribution and business models. Monetization may be very different, and I will need to focus on this.

The thesis is initially more oriented at the business and product side of things. In the real world, this is what I feel is needed. I have done a technical feasibility in my basement lab for years – I know it can be done – but the real question for me is if it is a feasible business for me to spend my resources and time on.


I have discussed at length about this with Dr Tony Norcio, and he is on board for being my thesis advisor. I am also hoping to recruit Dr Roy Rada, and another professor for the required thesis committee. I took class last semester on Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship that spurred some of these ideas. The teacher from that course is a business and entrepreneurship guru and I hope that she will also be able to provide me feedback.

I think that I will also try to bounce the idea off of many of my professional network contacts that are CEOs and have run companies and know what to look for. Likely also, I will need to talk to users and what their needs are, to understand at a deeper level what people need, and what audience I might go after.

If you have any advise, I invite anyone to contact me. Wish me luck!

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