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Who am I?

Nick and sue

I am Nick Yeates, a tech enthusiast, new father, husband, and lover of the outdoors. I work at Zenoss as a Support Engineer, solving deep technical issues for customers like, VMWare, SAIC, DISA, and Deutsche Bank. I also attend UMBC in search of a Masters degree in Information Systems. I am a new daddy of a beautiful baby, I enjoy the outdoors,  I am an extrovert – I enjoy peoples company (as many as possible), and I like to unwind with an occasional beer and friends.

What and Why

This blog is planned to encompass technology topics of a broad spectrum. From Cloud Computing to Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) to Technical Howto’s. I am debating if I will even put some personal writings here, though if I do, I will have to devise a way to separate the content.

I am creating this blog for a couple of reasons:

  • To share my knowledge
    • hopefully others can learn from me and each other
  • Promote myself as a thought expert in the fields I post about
  • Provide an outlet for my writing itch
  • I write this stuff anyway
    • Masters degree writings that I do each week
    • Journal writings
    • Technical documentation
    • Comments on other blogs and websites
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